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Queso Burger

This is one year that I'm actually sad to think that Summer is coming to an end in a few weeks.  Well, unofficial summer that is.  Kids will be going back to school, pools will be closing, Christmas stuff will be on the shelves and more.  The last few weeks have been amazing weather wise, which has made this summer a lot more bearable.  I certainly hope it stays like this when it's seasonally appropriate as well. As summer unofficially starts closing up shop, many of us will be getting in as many more good moments with our grills as we can.  Especially over the Labor Day weekend.  One of our favorite things to grill is burgers. Out of nowhere earlier this summer I got a huge desire to put queso on a burger.  I still have no idea why, but it was right there, this urge, just waiting to finally come to fruition.  A week or so later I made my first Queso Burger.  And I've had several more since then.  I literally cannot get enough!  And a bonus is that I usually have eno

Grilled Chicken Kabobs

I don't remember why I was home, but for some reason I was home one weekday morning, watching the Today Show when Christopher Kimball from America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated/Cook's Country demoed some grilled foods.  One of which was these grilled chicken kabobs, that the teaser promised used a unique ingredient.  Not that I wouldn't have watched anyway, but I was certainly intrigued and anxiously awaiting the commercial break to end.  Upon watching the demo I thought to myself "to say unique is an understatement!".   The folks over at Cook's Illustrated decided to keep the chicken moist, but incorporate some smoky flavor and make it hold up to the high heat of a grill they's grind up bacon for a coating.  Yep... a bacon paste.  It's bacon, and I love bacon and chicken, so I knew this would make the list. Sadly, I lost track of the recipe, and by the time I realized it I couldn't find it on the Today Show web-Site anymore.  B