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Ham & Cheese Sliders (and Turkey & Cheese too)

These ham & cheese sliders have been all over the blogosphere, as well as Pinterest the last few years.  I even had a coworker tell me years ago that her catering parents have been making them since she was a little kid and they're highly addictive.  I'm not going to lie - I've never really had a desire to make them.  Why, you ask?  Well, they have mayo and mustard usually - two of my least favorite things.  That being said, when looking for easy and delicious things to make for Rob's party a few weeks ago I knew these would be perfect for everyone else to eat.  I did adapt the recipe a bit, so that I could at least try one! I was making about 72 sandwiches, which was time consuming, buy very easy.  Based on all the raves I'm still getting on these sandwiches, it's safe to say they were a huge hit and I won't hesitate to make them again if the occasion calls for it.  Even I enjoyed them, with the modifications I made!  I highly suggest if you like ma

Bacon Cashew Caramel Corn

Rob turned 30 earlier this month, and we threw a big party.  I didn't want it to be too elaborate and fancy, because that's not him at all.  Nor would a "theme" seem appropriate like it would for a kids party.  I wanted there to be plenty of good food that incorporated some of his favorites.  But then I also saw this fantastic idea on Pinterest to do a Chip Bar.  I immediately planned to do it because we love chips in our house.  When talking with him about this idea he asked me to make this specific caramel corn a coworker brought in for a Holiday Pot-Luck.  I'd tried it that year, but I guess she adapted the recipe because he didn't remember there being any sort of heat or spice, and the original recipe called for cayenne pepper. So this time I adapted a few recipes and he was very happy with the results.  So was Tyler, much to my freaking out.  For those of you that don't have young kids - they're not supposed to eat popcorn, it's a b

Italian Crescent Casserole

I've come to the conclusion that it's nice to have a few quick and easy dinners in my back pocket at the ready, regardless of how much I love to cook from scratch.  I still cook from scratch 90%  of the time, but life happens and sometimes it's more feasible to open a package of something to act as a base or accent to a meal. That's exactly what this recipe is.  I pinned this Italian Crescent Casserole from Real Mom Kitchen a few months ago figuring that one day this recipe could come in handy.  Well, we've had a pretty busy winter in our house and something simple to assemble has been exactly what I've been gravitating towards. I was pleasantly surprised at how much we liked it, though I'm not sure why because we love everything in the ingredients list, so what's not to love about the final outcome?!  And, of course this is another recipe that you could easily adapt to whatever you have on hand, or craving.  I bet this would be good with Italian