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Foodbuzz 24x24: A Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party

It's hard to believe that my baby boy is technically no longer a baby anymore!  It seems like just yesterday I was a nervous wreck on our way to the hospital, and now all of a sudden I'm planning a birthday party!

Even before Ty was born though, I knew I wanted to do a Very Hungry Caterpillar party.  I'm not exactly sure what made me think of it, but one day I was sitting in his room and imagining reading him the first book I bought for him.  Yep - The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

There is something about the classic children's book that lends itself very well to entertaining.  Generally speaking, the focal point of any event (aside from the reason for celebration), is the food.    For those not familiar with the book - The Hungry Caterpillar is all about food!  He eats is way through many different foods, until he's big and strong and becomes a beautiful butterfly.  A perfect metaphor for a young baby.  It's amazing how much such a little guy can eat - but at the end of that first year he turns out to be a big strong boy!!

When planning Ty's party I knew I wanted to incorporate as many of the Caterpillar's foods as possible.  Some loose variations of the food, but incorporated nonetheless!  On the menu was:

- Chips, Salsa and Queso
- A meat and cheese platter, including Swiss Cheese, Salami and Sausage - a few of the Caterpillar's foods
- White Cheddar Cheese popcorn because my husband is obsessed and really wanted some.

Main Meal:
- Grilled Burgers, Hot Dogs and Chicken, and condiments, including the Caterpillars pickles!
- Fruit Tray, including the fruits the caterpillar eats (I am soooo mad at myself for not getting a picture of this.  The melons were shaped like caterpillars!)
- Veggie Platter
- Salad with homemade dressings (French, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Avocado Ranch, Honey Mustard)
- Baked Macaroni and Cheese

- Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream frosting
- Vanilla Cupcakes*
- Dirt Cake with Cherry Gummy Worms*
- and of course a smash cake!!

Signature Drink:
- Frozen Mango slushes with Pineapple and/or Coconut Rum for the adults if desired!*
- Sweet Tea*, Regular Tea and Lemonade*

* recipe coming soon!

I don't entertain that often, so I was stressed to the max, but I loved every minute of the planning.  I did not love the stress just before the party, but I have to say - I think I planned one heck of a party!  I couldn't have done it all without my amazing husband and our mothers for all of their help!  And everyone at the party was super helpful as well.  On top of not entertaining often (despite loving the idea of it!), I've never thrown a big party with my little guy around so I am so thankful that he was in good hands with all of our family and friends all night.

And, to leave you with some cuteness,  you can't have a first birthday without some messy fun, right?!  Check out my little guy enjoying his cake and some of the party decor!


This post was sponsored by Foodbuzz as a part of their Foodbuzz 24x24 program


  1. Happy Birthday to your little guy! It looks like it was a wonderful party! I think Tyler really enjoyed the cake :)

  2. Happy birthday Ty! This party looks awesome!

  3. So sweet! I loved the little caterpillars on the cupcakes with his face. Happy Birthday little man!

  4. So sweet, I love the little caterpillars in the cupcakes. Happy Birthday little man!

  5. What a cute theme! My daughter loves that book too, and I'm so excited you were able to incorporate the caterpillar's foods into your party. Happy birthday, Ty!

  6. Love it! The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite books. Happy Birthday to your little boy!

  7. Your party looks like it was a huge success! Love the theme!

  8. A very creative use for a foodbuzz 24X24 party! Happy belated birthday to your son!

  9. A very creeative use for a foodbuzz 24X24 party! Happy belated birthday to your son!

  10. This post is so sweet! I love following your blog and I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find more information about it on my blog post here:
    You don't have to participate but I hope you do! Have a great day!

  11. Where did you get that Very Hungry Caterpillar onesie?? I love it! We're doing this theme for my son's first birthday in December.

  12. Where did you get that onesie??

  13. Briedub - I bought it on Etsy, from here:
    It arrived very quickly, and is just as cute as I pictured. The font his name is in is called "Jackson", in case you're wondering!


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