April 13, 2009

Menu Monday

This spring we'll be pretty busy with weddings and wedding related activities so our weekends will not be spent at home too much. With that being said, I won't have the weekends to recover from the week so therefore my menus will be rather uninspired and relatively boring for the most part. While this week is no exception the one thing I'm excited about it that I'm making something completely new - a pork tenderloin. I've never made pork tenderloin before.

S: Easter (brunch with his family, dinner with mine - I think I gained 5 pounds!)
M: Honey Roasted Peanut Chicken with rice
T: Probably chicken Cordon Blue we have in the freezer
W: Some kind of Pork tenderloin - maybe this one
R: Rob on own - Angie at Rehearsal Dinner taking pictures
F: Tacos or order pizza
S: Wedding #2 of the season

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